North-Western province records 1,845 girl pregnancies in 2014

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————-More than 1,800 girls dropped out of school last year due to pregnancies in North-Western province alone.

North-Western province Education Officer Allan Lingambe told ZANIS in Solwezi that 1,845 girls went on maternity leave after falling pregnant out of whom 1,148 managed to return through the re-entry policy.

Mr Lingambe said 697 have not come back after their maternity leave.

He noted that there was an increase in the number of girls who fell pregnant in 2014 compared to the 2013 record of 1, 628.

Mr Lingambe said the rate is quite alarming and the Ministry has embarked on sensitizing communities on the importance of girl education as a way of reducing the number of girls dropping out of school due to pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Mr Lingambe disclosed that 2,114 girls absconded from writing grade nine examinations last year.

Mr Lingambe said out of 10,486 girls who entered only 8,372 sat for examinations.

He attributed this to high rates of pregnancies and early marriages.