Kaseba confident Sata legacy to live on

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Former First Lady Christine Kaseba says she is
confident that President Sata’s legacy will continue under President Edgar

Dr Kaseba said that Mr Lungu’s ascendancy to power has given her confidence
that President Sata’s vision will live on.

The former first lady told ZANIS that President Lungu is able and well placed to continue
with the massive infrastructure development, employment and wealth creation
and other development programmes initiated by the late head of state.

Dr Kaseba pointed out that President Lungu’s development agenda of lifting
the poor out of poverty and ensuring that Zambians have a meal every day
are key issues in the PF manifesto.

She said the PF manifesto is a ten year development plan that is feasible
and urged the country to rally behind President Lungu in his efforts to
improve the welfare of Zambians.

Dr Kaseba further explained that people misunderstood her when she ran for
PF presidency and her only motivation was to ensure that President Sata’s
legacy was remembered and honoured.