The only candidate endorsed by a convicted criminal is HH through my dear ‘Uncle’ VJ – Dora Siliya , Jan 9 ’15

Dora Siliya
Dora Siliya

Hello friends,

To day I want to talk about the small matter of endorsements. Clearly our friends in the UPND have been so troubled by the RB and my endorsement of Edgar Lungu that they have began an emotional smear campaign. On the other hand, I prefer facts.

The Chewas have a good saying ‘chikomela galu kuluma mbuzi’. In nsenga we say ‘chu wamila imbwa kuluma mbuzi’. In english, this simply translates into what is good for the Goose must be good for the Gander.

I saw all Tonga chiefs and prominent Tongas ,and Tonga leaders such as VJ endorse HH with not much ado about it being tribalism. I have also witnessed many bantu botatwe leaders endorse HH and all was normal. As soon as RB and myself endorsed EL with very clear reasons, it became a tribal issue. The only endorsements they expected were those of HH. Here in Eastern Province not all Chiefs are even supporting EL. To lay the facts bare, the only candidate endorsed by a convicted criminal is HH through my dear ‘Uncle’ VJ.

And now they say EL has been endorsed by questionable characters. If indeed the court of public opinion was the decider then HH should not even be a candidate as many Zambians believe he allegedly stole money during the privatisation of the mines. Some say, it is why the big mining companies are paying for his campaign now, as he sold them the mines cheaply. Whether it’s true or not, some Zambians believe that is how he got rich. And besides, in Zambia one is innocent before the courts of law until proven guilty. This is the reason RB, myself and even HH himself is campaigning as we are all on bail for various charges.

I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that HH is a reasonable Man and can’t be responsible for a smear campaign. As such those who think they are doing him a favour are just making it more obvious that the UPND is still not ready for Government. And I wish to put on record that Government is a very complex institution and is not like running ones household or business.

The argument that Presidential by-elections are a waste of resources still stands. The argument that our constitution has a lacuna on this matter still stands. The argument that EL cannot be punished purely because of late President Satas leadership style, also still stands.

These, my friends, are my thoughts today. January 9 at 3:12am ·

Dora Siliya
Dora Siliya


  1. Dora what is yo mission? It shall not work in Jesus Christ’s name. If your records are clean b the first one to thro a stone at Kalumba or VJ. U can’t talk sense or someting good about someone? Shame