Action-Aid hopeful Lungu will enact Constitution

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Action-Aid hopeful Lungu will enact Constitution

Lusaka, January 25, 2015, ZANIS—Action-Aid Zambia has expressed hope that ewly elected President Edgar Lungu’s government will enact the new Zambian Constitution before the end of this year.


Action-Aid Zambia Country Director Pamela Chisanga said the development is cardinal as it would allow the country to hold the 2016 general elections under a new and progressive Constitution.


Ms Chisanga told ZANIS in Lusaka today that a new Constitution will greatly transform many lives through improving the level of democratic freedom and quality of public service delivery in Zambia.


And Ms. Chisanga has congratulated Mr. Edgar Lungu for being elected as Zambia’s Sixth Republican President and commended Zambians for holding peaceful elections.


During the inaugural ceremony in Lusaka today, President Lungu with immediate effect appointed Minister of Home Affairs Ngosa Simbyakula as Minister of Justice to expedite the constitution making process.


Government through the Ministry of Justice recently released the draft Constitution roadmap which indicates that it will be enacted by 2016.


Zambia will hold its general elections next year in 2016 because President Lungu will only serve for 18 months which is the remaining period for the term of office for the late President Michael Sata who died on 28th October, 2014.


Meanwhile, Ms. Chisanga said Mr. Lungu has come at the right time when Zambia was facing critical challenges such as the impasse on VAT refunds and the contestations on the proposed mineral royalties for the mining sector.


Ms. Chisanga urged Mr. Lungu to work towards an optimal tax system that seeks to strike a balance between ensuring the greatest possible benefit for the public and at the same time encouraging quality and sustainable investment in the country.


She stated that when companies pay their fair share of tax to the country, it had the power to help build a better future by providing vital public services.


President Edgar Lungu was sworn-in at a colourful ceremony before a morethan 50,000 crowd at the National Heroes stadium in Lusaka today witnessed by visiting Heads of States and government who included Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and his wife Grace.