ECZ briefing is delayed as ECZ officials meet UPND, PF representatives

Who will be Zambia's 6th President
Who will be Zambia's 6th President


Due to the contradictory results published by the ECZ, on both their official ECZ website and on ZNBC, we have sought an urgent meeting with the ECZ to seek clarity on this morning.

Not only have there been significant miscalculations in the counting process, with the wrong numbers attributed to the wrong constituencies, some published numbers highly inflated and clear failure to calculate basic arithmetic. These incorrect figures have also now been published by the print media this morning, which is highly illegal.

Our results are increasingly clear and indicate a narrow victory for the UPND. We require full clarity and agreement on all final ECZ results before any announcement is made by the ECZ.

The statements being made by PF spokesperson, Emmanuel Mwamba, are highly inflammatory and based on clear factual inaccuracies.

Dipak Patel
UPND Campaign Manager


THE ECZ briefing is delayed due to a meeting between UPND and PF representatives with ECZ officials.
The briefing was scheduled to commence at 11:00hrs as at yesterday results from 39 Constituencies were yet to be announced.


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FORMER President Kenneth Kaunda has called on the nation to provide stability for Zambia’s sixth President.
Dr Kaunda said at a press briefing at his State Lodge house in Lusaka yesterday that the country’s continued stability will depend on how each one of the citizens behaves today and in the coming days.
“Stability lies within our control. Once again as in the past, let us work to make Zambia an example of stability,” he said.
“The foundation of the next 50 years is laid by the bricks and steps that Zambians make today,” he said.
Dr Kaunda said Zambia’s continued relative stability will be determined by what actions people take at this time.
“We have come a long way. We cannot afford to have instability in the country and each one of us must work for peace,” he said.


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  1. Imwe zambia is bigger than two individuals stop ifyabupuba and give lungu the staff

  2. Imwe zambia is bigger than two individuals stop ifyabupuba and give lungu the staff