Voting in Chavuma North-western starts in a positive note

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Voting in Chavuma district of North-western Province started on a positive note with over 100 voters casting their votes in most of the polling stations.


Chavuma District Electoral Officer Handson Kachenjela confirmed that voting in all polling stations is on course and that people were already showing their willingness to elect a candidate of their choice.


And at Chavuma Central polling station which was opened at exactly 06:00 hours by Presiding officer Benson Kazembe, over 60 people had cast their votes by 07:50 hours.


Mr. Kazembe, however, appealed to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to consider shifting the polling station to a place with a better building in 2016.


He said the polling station is an old dilapidated structure which is not conducive for elections.


Meanwhile, Presiding officers at Kalombo, Kakhoma, Sakawengo, Chikanji and Chiyeke polling stations respectively said that a number of voters required assistance due to the high illiteracy levels.