Edgar Lungu casts vote in John Howard

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Edgar Lungu casts vote in John Howard

Lusaka, January 20, 2015, ZANIS…Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Edgar Lungu has cast his vote at Crawford Primary School in John Howard Township in Lusaka in the presidential by-election being contested by 10 other political aspirants.

Mr Lungu arrived at the polling station at about 10 :07 hours amid  heavy security personnel from the Patriotic Front (PF) cadres.

ZANIS reports that the Patriotic Front candidate cast his vote at the polling station among many other Chawama and John Haward residents.

And when interviewed by South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) on his plans with the mining companies if he wins today’s elections, Mr Lungu said his main task would be to discuss with them and reach a consensus for the benefit of the Zambian people and investors.

Mr Lungu’s interview was however disturbed by a heavy down pour of rain .

At Lumumba Poling station in Chawama constituency, Returning officer Martin Mulenga said voting at the polling station started on a good note with over 500 people voting by 08:37 hours.

Mr Mulenga sad although there were so many people flocking to the center to cast their votes, most people had been disturbed by heavy down pour  which characterized Chawama constituency in the morning.

Chawama Constituency has a total number of  69, 228 voters who are expected to cast their votes in today’s  Presidential by election.

Meanwhile, at Chitukuko Basic School  Poling station in  Mtendere, Morfat Mwandila said the polling station opened at exactly 06: 00 hours.

Mr Mwandila said there was a long que at the poling  the centre by 06: 30 hours and hoped that the  situation would normalize by the end of the day.

At Mtendere Primary School, Returning Officer Paul Chanda said voting started at a slow pace.

Mr Chanda said he was optimistic that many people would flock to the polling station to cast their vote as the day progresses.

And at Matma Gandi Basic School polling station, Returning officer Natasha Chisha said although many voters started voting at exactly 0 6:00 hours the people were voting peacefully.

Munali constituency has a total number of of 108, 995 registered voters who are expected to cast their votes in today elections.

According To the Electoral Commission of Zambia 2011 Register of Voters, a total of 5,167,154 people are eligible to vote of which 2,576,333 are male and 2,590,821 are females.