Remember, honour Sata’s legacy- Scott

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Acting President Guy Scott has appealed to Zambians to remember and honour the legacy of late Michael Sata by retaining the Patriotic Front (PF) as they cast their votes tomorrow.


Dr. Scott said PF president Edgar Lungu was better placed to continue with the infrastructure development programme which was initiated by the late President Sata.


He said this today when he addressed a public rally at Mushili grounds in Ndola.


The Acting President has since assured supporters that the PF, under Edgar Lungu will not crack but continue to grow stronger.


He reminded party members that the spirit of the late President Sata was still with the party.

Dr. Scott has since urged PF members to use the late President Sata’s spirit of hard work to guide them.


And PF president Edgar Lungu assured Ndola residents and Zambians in general that he will lead Zambia to a better economic and social position.


Mr. Lungu said he will continue with president Sata’s legacy of massive development, provision of good health services, high educational standards for all and wealth and job creation.


He has since urged Zambians to turn up in large numbers and vote for the PF.


He further urged Zambians to desist from engaging in violence and avoid retaliating even when provoked.


And former president Rupiah Banda urged voters to elect Edgar Lungu because he was the right successor to president Sata.


Mr. Banda said Mr. Lungu was the best candidate in tomorrow’s presidential elections because he listens and has a big heart to govern the country.


Earlier, Ndola city came to a standstill as hordes of people lined up the streets to catch a glimpse of the former president Banda, acting president Scott and aspiring president Lungu.


Dr. Scott, who was accompanied by Mr. Lungu and the former President Mr. Banda drove through Ndola town and some residential areas among them Masala and Mushili Bonano to the delight of the public.



  1. Does Guy want us to rember the legacy of misery the pf govt has given Zambian, as there’s nothing good rather than pain and destruction the pf brought in the whole country and going about fighting the entire country including the royal establishment where Sata claimed his origins.