Do not be intimidated to vote-AVAP

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The Anti-Voter Apathy (AVAP) has urged electorates not to be intimidated as they cast their votes in the presidential election tomorrow, January 20, 2015.


AVAP Executive Director Richwell Mulwani said Zambians should base their votes on the conviction that they are choosing the right leader to take over the affairs of the nation.


Mr. Mulwani said it was through conviction that voters will elect a president that can shape the country in a positive manner.


He said democracy has accorded people the power and right to vote for the candidate of their choice.


He has since encouraged Zambians to turn up in large numbers and exercise their democratic rights regardless of the weather tomorrow.


“Democracy entails that people have power to choose their leader by using the voter’s card and a national registration card,” he said.


And Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi has said Zambians should base their votes on messages that political party leaders had availed to them during their campaign period.


Mr. Chipenzi said Zambians should vote for a president who has the love and desire to maintain the peace that Zambia has always enjoyed.


He said electorates should choose a leader who has capabilities to deliver exceptionally and uphold Zambia’s democratic values.


Mr. Chipenzi said voters should not elect a president based on tribe but on the humility, respect for human rights and the rule of law.


Zambia goes to the polls tomorrow to choose a sixth republican president following the death of Michael Sata who died in October last year.


The 11 candidates that are taking part in the presidential election are Edgar Lungu (PF), Hakainde Hichilema (UPND), Nevers Mumba (MMD), Edith Nawakwi, (FDD) and Elias Chipimo Jr (NAREP).


The Peter Sinkamba of the Green Party, Ludwig Sondashi (FDA), Godfrey Miyanda (Heritage Party), Dan Pule (CDP), Tilyenji Kaunda (UNIP) and Erick Chanda (4R).