Constitution Roadmap receives kudos

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–A Choma resident has commended Government for releasing the draft republican constitution road map.

Benedictor Muncangani said the move must be commended by all well meaning Zambians.

He told ZANIS in Choma today that decision by the government to release the roadmap was an indication that the Patriotic Front (PF) government is a listening government and therefore deserves to be allowed to complete its full term in office.

Mr. Muncangani, who is also a member of the PF in the Southern province, explained that the promise to hold a referendum next year for the final enactment of the new constitution clearly indicts that the party should be allowed to continue until 2016.

He advised people to support the PF  to ensure that the roadmap is followed and allow for the enactment of the new constitution.

Government released the draft Constitution Roadmap and guidelines for public validation of the contents of the final draft Constitution on Tuesday this week.