— Govt. calls for team work with public workers

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Mufumbwe District Commissioner (DC), Mankishi Mukokwe, in North Western Province, has called for teamwork and hard work from civil servants in the district.

Ms Mukokwe says civil servants need to apply themselves at work to ensure that they perform to the benefit of people in the district.

ZANIS reports that the District Commissioner has since  commended government officials in the district for their performance last year and has since urged that they continue on the same path of promoting good governance in Mufumbwe.

The District Commissioner was speaking today when she addressed heads of government and parastal departments in the district.

Meanwhile, Mufumbwe Member of Parliament (MP), Stephen Masumba, who was also in  attendance implored civil servants not to engage in partisan politics.

Mr Masumba said civil servants were the pillars of government and would therefore do well to not take part in political happenings in the district and the country as a whole.

“You the civil servants are the implementers of government policies and programmes and so based on you whether you fail or succeed that’s what reflects to the politicians,” Mr Masumba said 

The Member of Parliament also advised the government officials to build their careers and not relax in their positions. 

“Let us grow our careers, let’s emulate our father late president Michael Sata may his soul rest in peace, he started out from the bottom as a councillor to finally become president of this country. That’s how we should also be thinking, let us grow professionally”