Fertilizer inputs distribution in Shiwang`andu, expected to end today

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Community Development Mother and Child Health in Shiwang`andu district will today complete the distribution of fertilizer input to the vulnerable but viable households under the Food Security Pack (FSP).

Shiwang`andu District Development Officer Lloyd Kalumba confirmed the development to ZANIS in an interview today.

Mr. Kalumba said the intended beneficiaries in eight satellites of Shiwang`andu have received the inputs except for two satellites in Kapisha and Musonko Villages.

He named the areas where fertilizer input were received asMulanga, Kanchenja, Kalalantekwe and Mukwikile among other areas.

Mr. Kalumba said that over 300 people have benefited from the fertilizer input for the 2014/2015 farming season.

He said that the district received 1,200 bags of both urea and D-compound fertilizer of which 600 was urea and the other
600 D-compound.

Mr. Kalumba explained that the distribution of inputs was scheduled to end in December last year but it could not end at the stipulated time because the truck that was used to ferry inputs developed a fault.

Mr. Kalumba said that the truck has since been repaired and the last distribution will be done today at Kapisha and Musonko Villages.