— Don’t politicize Sondashi formula – Lizu

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Don’t politicize Sondashi formula – Lizu

Lusaka, January 09, 2015,ZANIS—National coordinator for the Sondashi Formula Stanfford Lizu  has advised Zambians to stop denouncing the Sondashi formula due to lack of knowledge.

Mr Lizu says it is disheartening to see people doubting the Sondashi formula when there are  so many people who have been healed from the dreaded HIV and AIDS disease in this country.

He told the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS)in an interview in Lusaka yesterday .

Mr Lizu further said people should not politicise the formula just because the nation will be going to the  polls in the  few weeks remaining .

He expressed that  many foreign nationals  are already  benefiting from Sondashi formula, citing nationals from South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and some notable Zambians in the country.

Mr Lizu also called on government to fund the Sondashi formula in order to serve many lives of Zambians suffering from HIV and AIDS.

He said  the formula works despite government’s failure to recognize it  for the benefit of  masses effected with the disease.

Mr Lizu stated that although people are denouncing the formula, the truth is that it is working and  that a lot of people in the country and other countries have greatly benefited a lot.