Social Cash Transfer launched in Mwansabombwe

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Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health has officially launched the Social Cash Transfer Scheme in Mwansabombwe District.

The scheme which is aimed at reducing extreme poverty and intergenerational transfer of poverty in the country was launched in the district by Community Development, Mother and Child Health Minister Emerine Kabanshi.

Speaking at the launch Ms Kabanshi said government is committed to ensuring that the lives of people in the province are improved.

Ms. Kabanshi described the social cash transfer programme as one of the effective tools for the achievement of sustainable economic growth in the country.

She said government attaches great importance to every citizen especially those that are disadvantaged adding that this is demonstrated by a number of measures that government has put in place to address the plight of the poor people.

She said the launch of the social cash transfer in Mwansabombwe is clear indication of what the government is doing for its people countrywide.

She said government remains committed to providing the necessary financial and technical support for effective implementation of the programmes.

Mrs Kabanshi however, disputed the assertions that the social cash transfer programme creates dependency.
She said a study has shown that recipients of the social cash transfer engage in additional economic activities such as investing in livestock at a small scale level and off the farm activities.

The minister added that the beneficiaries were now able to afford more than one meal a day and send their children to school.