— Serenje electorate urged to be patriotic by voting peacefully

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Serenje electorate urged to be patriotic by voting peacefully


Serenje, January 6TH. 2015, ZANIS — Serenje District Voter Education Committee(DVEC) Chairperson Jimmy Nsama has urged voters in the district to vote peacefully in the forthcoming January 20 presidential by elections.


ZANIS reports that  Mr Nsama said the electorate in the area should be patriotic Zambians by voting for their preferred Presidential candidate peacefully.


As people  here in Serenje district will be exercising their right to vote in the forth coming presidential by election, it is important that they conduct themselves as true Zambians by not engaging in violence, he said.


Mr Nsama said electorates engaging in violence before, during and after the elections would be abusing their right to vote.


He said people should always remember that our forefathers fought for the right to vote hence the need to safeguard the right by refraining from violence.


Mr Nsama also disclosed that voter education in the district is going on well with about 70 percent of the district covered.


The DEVEC Chairperson said the Voter Education Facilitators (VEFS) will cover the remaining 30 percent by 15th January.


The January 20th, 20125 Presidential By-elections follows the untimely of Fourth Republican President Micheal Sata who died in a London Hospital mid last year after an illness.


The race to plot one is being contested by 10 political parties among them being the ruling PF , opposition  MMD and UPND among others.