2, 749 people replace their voters cards in Choma

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2, 749 people replace their voters cards in Choma

Choma, Jan 6, ZANIS–Choma District Electoral Officer Timothy Mambalakata has disclosed that a total of 2, 749 people successfully replaced their lost or defaced voters cards during the just ended voters card replacement exercise in Choma District.

Mr. Mambalakata, who is also Choma Municipal Council Town Clerk said
the exercise went on smoothly but observed that all centres recorded a higher number of men turning up for the exercise.

According to a Choma District summary update report per constituency obtained from Choma Municipal Council today, 1,957 people turned up in Choma Central constituency while 792 people were recorded in Mbabala

The electoral officer however bemoaned the poor state of roads in some parts of the district that made it difficult to access the voter card replacement centres.

Mr. Mambalakata told ZANIS in an interview today that vehicles used to get stuck in the mud and explained that in some instances, tractors were hired to pull out stuck vehicles from the mud.

He has expressed worry that the situation might be the same during voting period.

He has since appealed to the Electoral Commission of Zambia to consider
sending Land Cruisers to the area for the successful holding of the Presidential by-election.

Mr. Mambalakata further told ZANIS that his office had received complaints on the long distances that people had to cover to reach voters card replacement centres.

The commission only opened up eight polling centres in the district, four per each constituency out of a total of  95 polling centres for the just ended exercise, a situation that forced many people to cover longer distances to have their voters cards replaced.