Concerned citizen says PF should finish its mandate

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–A concerned citizen Anthony Zimba says the PF government should  be given chance to finish its five-year term of office.

Mr. Zimba expressed concern that a lot of problems may arise if a new party forms government after the January 20 2015 Presidential elections and only rules for less that 24 months before the next election in 2016 is held.

He said the PF government has embarked on many projects within the three years they have been in office hence they need to finish their term of office in order for them to complete the developmental plans.

Mr. Zimba said this in a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today.

Mr. Zimba further said the PF budget has already been presented in Parliament for implementation by Minister of Finance hence the new government will panic to implement the current ruling party’s budget saying this can result into failure by the new government to accomplish the PF developmental programmes.

He noted that the incompletion of projects by a new government in office may result in loss of jobs, investor and donor confidence.

Mr Zimba said if a new government is ushered into office they may abandon some developmental projects being implemented by the current government in preference to their own.

He stated that certain programmes such as decentralization and the creation of new districts may be halted as the government may not like to continue with those programmes or maintaining the current government structures.

Mr Zimba observed that if the current centralized system of government has failed to deliver social economic services to people for the past 50 years then a state government should be introduced in each province which will manage its own developmental programmes like the case in other countries such as United States of America, Nigeria among others.


  1. My analysis also is that it will be costly to clear a huge bill of emoluments to pay those who will be removed from offices and employ new pipo e.g DCs and other govt officials and employ new ones to pay their settling allowances and so means Millons of kawcha will be needed for this and peradventure another govt take over in will also employ its own people and visa versa.As a result of this projects will be affected drastically e.g road construction Farm input program and so advice is that the status quo be maintained then 2016 people can decide.Thank You.