Lusaka Mayor’s wife donates to Mother Theresa Hospice

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———————-Lusaka Mayor’s wife Mumba Sata has donated assorted food stuffs to Mother Theresa Hospice in Mtendere township.


Speaking during the donation in Lusaka today Mrs. Sata who is Lusaka City Mayor Mulenga Sata’s wife thanked the Hospice for accepting the donation.


Mrs Sata said Lusaka City Council attaches great importance to the welfare of vulnerable children in the country.


She said her visit to the Hospice was to interact with the children and give them an opportunity to enjoy Christmas like many other privileged children.


Mrs. Sata said children are a gift from God and communities have a responsibility to ensure that vulnerable children are taken care of.


She said vulnerable children did not find themselves in their situation out of their own making but that they too would like to lead a normal life like any other children.

Mrs Sata added that it is important that such children are supported at all times more importantly supporting the organization that is looking after such children.