Govt committed to Uplift Living standards of Traditional Leaders

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—————————Government has reiterated its commitment to improving the living standards of traditional leaders in the country.


Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Deputy Minister, Susan Kawandami said this today at a ground breaking ceremony for the construction of an institutional house for Chief Kahare of Njonjolo in Nkeyema district of Western province.


Ms Kawandami said government attaches importance to enhancing the welfare of traditional leaders in the country due to the roles they have continued to play.


She complained that for a long time now Chiefs in the country have been occupying structures that are dilapidated and not suitable for their status as governors in their respective Chiefdoms.


Ms Kawandami said government has added a new and unique dimension to the manner in which it has brought Chiefs into mainstream government in order to reach out to the rural communities.


She explained that the unique dimension employed would ensure that resources are felt by everyone at grass root level in their respective Chiefdoms.


And Ms Kawandami said that government has embarked on an initial stage of constructing three palaces in each province.


She explained that afterwards five palaces would be built in each province giving a total of eight with a grand total of 80 palaces countrywide.  


She said that the houses which government is constructing in all Chiefdoms would be used as institutional houses by successive Chiefs.


Ms. Kawandami further said the same houses would serve as administrative centers of the Chiefdom.


Meanwhile, Chief Kahare’s Mwanashihemi (Prime Minister), George Muzala has praised government for embarking on a countrywide construction of  palaces.


Mr Muzala said for a long time Chief Kahare has been living in a dilapidated house.


He also said the creation of Nkeyema as a district will bring government services closer to the people in the area.


Mr Muzala has also appealed to government to connect the palace to the national grid and to also work on the 18 kilometer stretch off Kaoma – Lusaka road to the palace.


The Deputy Minister was accompanied by Western province Deputy Permanent Secretary Mwangala Liomba and Nkeyema District Commissioner Yuvwenu Kashandola.