Youth urged not to womanize, drink on Christmas

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The Lusaka based clergyman has urged young people in Zambia not to indulge into illicit sexual activities and beer drinking as the festive season climaxes.


Jesus Anointed Ministries Overseer Billy Mfula told ZANIS that indulging in illicit activities was not the significance of celebrating Christmas and other festivities in this season.


Bishop Mfula said Christmas comes from the word Christ, which means celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.


He said since Jesus is the owner of the birthday, remembering his birth should be regarded as holy and celebrated in a manner that befits the son of God.


“Youths should know that Christmas is not the time to womanise and drink (beer) because that does not depict the character of Jesus Christ,” he said.


Bishop Mfula explained Christmas should be celebrated in a Christ like manner not championing the acts of the devil.


He said people should also use Christmas to reconcile at family, community and national levels in order to foster harmony in the country.


“Politicians should also use this opportunity to reconcile and not hold grudges against one another in order to promote development,” he said.



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