Voter Education commences in Zimba district.

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Voter Education commences in Zimba district.


Zimba, December 17, ZANIS———— Zimba District Voter Education Trainer Evans Mukuka has advised Voter Education Facilitators deployed to wards in the district to impart essential information that will reduce voter apathy and spoiling of ballots papers.


Mr. Mukuka said voter education entails raising citizen awareness on civic and electoral issues which enables them to meaningfully participate in the electoral process.


Mr. Mukuka who was speaking when he deployed Voter Education Facilitators yesterday in Mapatizya constituency said voter education further guarantees free and fair elections.


He said it is a huge responsibility for the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to ensure that all Zambian citizens eligible to take part in elections have the knowledge and information needed to make informed decisions.


He said ECZ has therefore embarked on voter education programme to increase civic and electoral awareness among Zambians.


Mapatizya constituency which makes the boundary of Zimba district has seven wards.


And District Voter Education Committee (DVEC) Chairperson Weston Sianchongwe urged the voter educators to abide by the values and principles of the voter education programme at all times whilst on duty.


Sianchongwe implored the educators to be non partisan in their operations.