Zambians told to handle radioactive materials carefully

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The Radiation Protection Authority (RPA) has called on individuals and institutions to follow the law when handling radioactive materials.

RPA Executive Director Boster Siwila explained that radioactive materials can lead to unnecessary radiation health related diseases and even death if not properly regulated or managed.

Mr. Siwila has since warned that the authority will prosecute anyone found with or using radioactive materials without authorisation.

He was speaking in Lusaka today when he officially opened a four-day basic national training course on radiation safety.

The workshop is being hosted by the Radiation Protection Authority in partnership with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

It has drawn participants from sectors such as mining, construction, manufacturing, agriculture, education and health.

Mr. Siwila expressed hope that the workshop will equip participants with knowledge which they will use to sensitise their communities and institutions on the risks and benefits of ionising radiation.

And Mr. Siwila said the authority will continue to enforce laws in line with its mandate of protecting people and the environment from harmful effects arising from ionising radiation.

He has since urged members of the public to be on the lookout and ensure that radioactive or nuclear materials are not being used to make radiological dispersal devices which would endanger society.