HH counsels Zambians ahead of 2015 presidential election

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Opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has asked Zambians to use problems they are currently going through under the PF government influence their vote on the polling day of the 2015 presidential election.

Mr. Hichilema cautioned that if Zambians do not keep in mind the alleged problems they are going through when casting their vote they risk voting for a person who will make them go through the same problems.

Speaking this afternoon at a rally held in Kasama Mr. Hichilema has also asked the people of Zambia to think of how traditional leaders are being treated under the PF government when they cast their vote on January 20th 2015.

He says the people of Zambia should vote for him because he wants to ensure that farmers who sell farm produce to government get their payments on time.

Mr. Hichilema says he further wants to ensure that the country’s health institutions are adequately stocked with medicines.
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He has also assured street vendors that he will not rid them once he is elected president because he does not have anyone else to take them if he clears them from the streets.

The UPND presidential candidate has also promised to install Henry Sosala as the Bemba Paramount chief Chitimukulu once he is elected republican president.

The UPND leader was accompanied at the rally by among others Lunte Member of Parliament Felix Mutati, former MMD National Secretary Richard Kachingwe, former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa and former PF Eastern province chairperson Lameck Mangani.

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  1. Promises don’t work guys there is no country under the sun without problems, if it is your time just go in and do your part dear