Returning Officer did not declare Sampa as elected PF President

Miles Sampa
Miles Sampa

The Returning officer of the 1st December, 2014 Patriotic Front General Conference which elected Miles Sampa as PF president, Germano Kaulungombe says he did not declare Mr Sampa as the duly elected PF President.

Mr Kaulungombe has told a media briefing in Lusaka today that he refused to declare Mr Sampa as winner because he was in receipt of the court order, which stopped the entire conference from convening.

He adds that the general conference did not meet the minimum number of delegates which is 1,856 as only 1,127 delegates were registered to vote.

Mr Kaulungombe says he brought to the attention of the leadership of the PF the concerns regarding the Court Injunction and matters regarding the quorum.

He states that although people were allowed to vote, he refused to declare the winner because of an Order from the Lusaka High Court and the concerns of the quorum.

Mr Kaulungombe has since appealed to Mr. Sampa to restrain himself and not refer to himself as PF president.

But a member of the PF electoral commission which presided over the same general conference which elected Mr Sampa Anna Mwitwa Mwewa has refuted claims by Mr Kaulungombe that a quorum was not formed.

Mrs Mwewa has told QFM News in a walk-in interview that it is disappointing that the Mr Kaulungombe rushed to the media to issue an alleged false statement about what transpired at the general conference.

Mrs Mwewa wonders why Mr. Kaulungombe went on guiding the general conference knowing too well that there was a court order served to the officials.

She states that Mr. Kaulungombe, being a professional lawyer, would not have allowed the general conference to go that far if he knew that a court injunction was served.

Mrs Mwewa, who is former Cabinet Office Permanent Secretary for administration recalls that Mr. Kaulungombe stood on the podium and announced that a quorum was formed and that the general conference would proceed.