Manyuchi turns down citizenship offer from Chishimba Kambwili

Charles Manyuchi
Charles Manyuchi


WORLD Boxing Council (WBC) International welterweight champion, Charles Manyuchi has turned down the offer to get an honorary Zambian citizenship.

Manyuchi was offered honorary citizenship by the Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili after he defended his title after clobbering Colombian Deivis Casseres at Government Complex in Lusaka last month.

But according to The Herald Newspaper in Zimbabwe, Manyuchi told a Press conference in Harare on Monday, that he would not accept Zambian citizenship despite his country Zimbabwe not recognising his efforts.

“I was offered citizenship though I could not accept due to the fact that I am Zimbabwean and I would not want to change that because I love my country,” Manyuchi said.

Manyuchi, who fights under Oriental Quarries Boxing Promotion (OQBP), said it was 
painful that his country did not recognise him as much as Zambians.

“I receive a lot of support but not from my country and that is painful for me to bear, in as much as I am a foreigner in Zambia, whenever I am that side they see to it that I am taken care of and they really appreciate my skills.

“The issue is not all about money but even that moral recognition to say congratulations; you are doing well for your country. That moral support goes a long way in encouraging and motivating someone,” he said.


Times of Zambia