No short cuts at PF conference – Scott

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—-Acting president, Guy Scott, says there will be no short cuts in the election of the PF president during the ongoing general conference in Kabwe.

Dr Scot said he will ensure that democracy prevails at the conference for delegates to elect a
president of their choice who will subsequently be adopted as the ruling party’s candidate for the January 20 election.


He said this when he officially opened the accreditation of delegates to the PF general conference in Kabwe today.

Dr Scott said he will spare no effort to ensure the Republican and party constitutions are followed to the latter during the Conference been held at Mulungushi Rock of Authority.


Dr Scott said the accreditation process was being conducted in the most transparent manner to ensure the results reflect the will of the delegates.


He dispelled assertions by some party members that there was a secret accreditation that was being conducted wondering where such information was coming from as the accreditation that was being conducted by the party Secretariat was being done in full view of the public.


He also stated that the commencement of the conference has delayed by 24 hours in order to remove unregistered delegates that had infiltrated the conference.


Dr Scott said though the delay is costly it was necessary for democracy to thrive during the conference.


He also stated that the less time people spend in insulting him the better for everyone and the
nation as precious time and energy were being wasted on triviality.

Dr Scott is expected to address delegates at the convention after the accreditation process is concluded.

Nine candidates are vying for the top position in the ruling party and these include Mrs Kaseba, Given Lubinda, Miles Sampa, Geoffrey Mwamba, Edgar Lungu, Wilbur Simuusa, Chishimba Kambwili, Robert Sichinga and and Ambassador Selemani Pangula.