KWANJA pa Mutima! Hand on heart, NAREP recognises that unemployment is still the greatest threat to the future of our YOUTH
KWANJA pa Mutima! Hand on heart, NAREP recognises that unemployment is still the greatest threat to the future of our YOUTH

Proverbs 29:2 says “when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn”

We are living in interesting times:

• Our rulling party who just lost a leader who was. their Party President and Our Republican President, is in a state of total confusion. This confusion which is not only an embarrasment to our tradition as a country but aslo an embarrasment to the international Community.
• Our cabinet looks very disorganised and lacks unity.
•Our Farmers are complaining.
•The news we are hear everyday is mostly on political party confusion.

•The name of the country is been tarnished by the on goings in the country.

All of this plus more would seem very funny if there was nothing serious at stake. But development is not a laughing matter. Governance is serious business. A country moves forward when there is a clear plan that everyone understands; a country moves forward when its senior leadership commands respect amongst other leaders in the world; our country will move forward when we can finally elect a leader and not a politician – someone committed to doing the right thing for every Zambian and not only for those who tow the Party line.

Zambia is in desperate need of quality leadership at all levels of society. We need leaders who understand the difference between politics and leadership.

A true leader puts the interests of the nation and the people first. A pure politicians puts the interest of his Party first. The reason why anyone involves themselves in politics should, after all, be based on the belief that they can do things that will be of benefit to the communities they have been elected to serve.

Think about these words from an enlightened Zambian – Professor Paul Mwaipaya – writing about African leadership more than 35 years ago:

“When a nation allows some of its mediocre citizens to take charge of all its policy-making activities, it is most unlikely to succeed in …. facilitating systematic development, nor can it really promote and preserve human dignity. What generally happens in such a nation is the abuse of human dignity and human rights; the practice of political intimidation, which in turn develops fear of national leaders. Indeed mediocre leadership is notorious for practising nepotism, favouritism, suppression of liberty, equality, freedom of expression, and freedom of choice.”

We are witnessing all of these things in Zambia today. Which is why as a Party, NAREP uphold and acknowledge the patriotism of those that have chosen to raise their voices against the poor leadership we are witnessing today, in spite of threats and intimidation and in some cases violence.

As NAREP we share vision of a new Zambia that will be governed by leaders that are not tainted by the politics of the past; a new generation of leaders – prepared to guide the nation to prosperity through a commitment to the values that continue to define who we are as a Party: (1) excellence, (2) integrity, (3) responsibility, (4) service, (5) equity, (6) humility, (7) commitment and (8) a sense of community.

I ask you to join the Heart beat Campaign as we together bring Restoration to our country. May the NAREP revolution take firm root with your success to enable us to push forward our work of restoring the dignity of our nation and making the life of every Zambian matter.

I thank you and may God’s grace be with you all.

Martin Kalale Musonda
Copperbelt Provincial Chairman
National Restoration Party
24 November 2014