Lubinda proposes three-stage PF election process

Given Lubinda , Minister of Agriculture
Given Lubinda (Former Minister of Agriculture

Patriotic Front Presidential hopeful Given Lubinda has proposed that before going to the General Conference, the PF Party Electoral Commission lay down rules and procedures that so that the elections will be transparent.

And Mr. Lubinda has recommended that the PF Party Electoral Commission adopts a three-stage election process that narrows the field from multiple nominees to six, then two and finally after the third stage to one single candidate for the president.

Mr. Lubinda explains that at the first stage, all candidate names submitted goes through a first ballot and delegates vote to reduce the number of candidates to the top six.

He recommends that at stage two, delegates vote on these six candidates to reduce the number of the candidates to the top two.

He furthermore explains that at stage three, all delegates vote on the two candidates to elect the party president who no doubt the members will rally behind.

The Kabwata Constituency lawmaker says it is important for the PF to have a transparent process for nominating the party presidential candidate.

He says if the PF fails to do so, the party could continue to splinter into polarized competing camps during the run-up to the by-election.

Mr. Lubinda has told journalists in Lusaka that the potential scenario of one camp publicly bending constitutional rules to disqualify opponents during this time would permanently discredit the PF in the eyes of the public.

 Report by Nancy Chenga and Albert Mpezeni