Will PF go to general conference in Kabwe next Friday?

Lubinda, GBM , Lungu PF
Lubinda, GBM , Lungu PF

THE Patriotic Front (PF) has opted to pick its presidential candidate through a general conference.
Acting President Guy Scott said at a press briefing yesterday that the general conference will be held in Kabwe at Mulungushi University next Friday.
Dr Scott said the conference that is expected to attract 5,000 delegates will be held over two days with a budget estimated at K2.5 million
He also said that 10 aspiring candidates successfully filed their nominations and the party is examining their qualifications for adoption to contest the presidential election.
Dr Scott said not all candidates who filed the nominations qualify for the presidency because the republican constitution bars some on the parentage clause while the PF constitution requires that one must be a member for at least five years to qualify for adoption as a presidential candidate.
He said the republican constitution is explicit on qualifications for anyone vying for the office of presidency, adding that he was barred by the parentage clause, as was former president Dr Kenneth Kaunda.
“As we continue scrutinising the list of aspiring candidates for PF presidency we are looking at such clauses,” he said.
Dr Scott has also announced that Bridget Atanga is the new party secretary general and she will be deputised by Anthony Kasolo who is also a member of the central committee.
He said it is not true that Justice Minister Edgar Lungu is still party secretary general because he relinquished his post on Wednesday.
Dr Scott said the party is ready to rally behind the candidate who will win the election at the general conference.
He has also urged the media to stop being negative in reporting news especially during this transition period.


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