I predicted and prayed for victory for the Chipolopolo boys – HH

Hakainde Hichilema
Hakainde Hichilema

I predicted and prayed for victory for the Chipolopolo boys yesterday and thank God they made it via a lone goal from Given Singuluma.

Like I said it was not an easy game especially that the Mambas even had a penalty. And we kept arguing as to whether Mozambique really deserve that penalty.

But anyway, from my calculations, we are back to Bata and Malabo in Equatorial Guinea for the 2015 Africa Cup finals.

With 8 points our kitty I think we are guaranteed at least a second position in this group even if Mozambique were to win in their last match against Niger on Wednesday since the deciding factor is the head to head.

For me and the rest of Zambia, I wish to thank our boys for the deserved victory and please lets remain united and peaceful as a nation even in celebrations.

Depending on my schedules, I might again suspend politics and watch the remaining match against Cape Verde this Wednesday.

For today it is iyeeee, chipolopolo……….

Hakainde Hichilema


  1. he is the only hope,i m pf but now only hh is real.at Chilufya Chileshe hh is also zambian shame on u,the media is now following him

  2. HH u hv really surprised me. where wer u all ths long? I never used to see u on the social meadia the way u hv startd cmng out pretending to be a lovin Zambian.we knw who u ar so dnt waste ur tym wit all thz tricks of being ther for the zed pipo…