Referrals for accident victims reduce at Liteta hospital in Chisamba

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Chisamba District Medical Officer Jerry Sinyangwe said accident victim referrals to Liteta Hospital in Chisamba have reduced in the third quarter of the year 2014.


Dr. Sinyangwe attributed the decline to the recent accelerated road safety sensitization campaigns to motorists using the Great North Road.


Dr. Sinyangwe told ZANIS in an interview in Chisamba today and expressed hope that motorists will continue to adhere to road safety regulations.


And Dr. Sinyangwe said Liteta Hospital has enough skilled staff to attend to accident victims but bemoaned the low electricity power supply at the health institution.

Liteta hospital in Chisamba district in Central Province has in the recent past been an admission centre for many accidents victims along the Great North Road between Chibombo and Chisamba districts.