Revised SNDP guide to development

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Western Province Acting Chief Planner Michael Inambao has said planning and implementation of economic activities was key to national development.

Mr. Inambao said the revised sixth national development plan (SNDP) 2013-2016 covers the priority areas of the Patriotic Front (PF) manifesto, which is a guiding instrument with regard development.

He said it was important for planners in all government departments to understand the document in order to help them in planning and budgeting for the district.

Mr. Inambao said for the nation to achieve targets and objectives in the revised SNDP, there was need for stronger linkages in the national development plans to sector investment plans, ministerial strategic plans and annual budgets.

He was speaking during the presentation of a one day dissemination exercise for the national planning and budgeting policy and the revised SNDP in Lukulu today.

He pointed out that there was need for regular interaction for planning purposes between the province and the districts.

And Lukulu District Commissioner Precious Muyenga thanked the provincial administration for the meeting at district level saying tangible development begins from the grassroot level.

Ms. Muyenga said she does not want her district to be left out in appreciating the important of the two documents.

She has therefore called on heads of government departments and stakeholders who attended the meeting to familiarize themselves with the two documents.

She said planners should focus on infrastructure development in almost all the sectors.

The strategic focus of the revised SNDP is to address the low levels of employment in the economy, invest in rural development and reduce widening inequalities in the economy.