Dr Nevers Mumba, Florence Mumba
Dr Nevers Mumba, Florence Mumba

As the rest of the nation is overwhelmed with grief and a huge sense of loss over the passing on of our beloved Head of State Michael Chilufya Sata, it is despicable that some individuals have launched a callous slander campaign against MMD President Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba.

Information available indicates that some individuals that worked closely with former President Rupiah Banda in the unsuccessful 2011 presidential campaigns have regrouped and are concocting distasteful stories about Dr Mumba and his close associates.

As MMD, we wish to dismiss with the contempt it deserves the latest attack on the integrity of Dr Mumba and the spirit of the MMD by these desperate individuals who are using online media to spread untruths and propaganda against Dr Mumba.

Reports that Dr Mumba has entered a pact with some individuals to block Mr Banda from launching his purported come back campaigns are baseless and malicious. Further reports that Mr Banda offered US$1 million to Dr Mumba to have him pave way for Mr Banda’s come back into active politics but that Dr Mumba declined and demanded US$1.5 million are also another concoction by enemies of the MMD.

The information we received alleges that Mr Davies Mataka who is facing criminal charges committed during his reign as Deputy Managing Editor at the Zambia Daily Mail when he ran a propaganda machinery and other individuals who worked closed with Mr Banda in the 2011 presidential campaigns are involved in this lethal and vicious slander campaign against Dr Mumba.

These individuals are working on the assumption that Dr Mumba is the only stumbling block to their ‘RB Come Back’ campaign. They are now scandalizing Dr Mumba with the hope of alienating him from the general MMD membership and splitting the party.

We know that they are now planning to extend this slander activity to close associates of Dr Mumba.

I personally confronted Mr Mataka and Dr Martin Mtonga and appealed to them that if there is any truth in this scam, they should stop their desperate activities in the interest of the party and nation’s democratic growth. The two could neither deny nor confirm their involvement.

It is our firm belief that some people are desperate and do not mean well for the MMD. They are out to serve their personal interests as they did in 2011 when they misled Mr Banda into losing the presidency.

We also believe that if Mr Banda’s return to politics is good for the MMD and Zambia as a whole, only a civil, honest and democratic process has to be followed to reach an agreement in a noble manner. This process would involve undertaking a cost benefit analysis and agreeing whether it would be in the best interest of the Banda family to subject the old man to another presidential battle three years after losing a costly election.

As these people attack Dr Mumba and those close to him, we ask the general MMD membership to reflect and reject their selfish aspirations. Our key question is, where were these people when the MMD was being attacked viciously by the PF? Where were they when the PF attempted to deregister the MMD? The answer is clear, they all ran away from the MMD and abandoned Mr Banda. They are now regrouping and attempting to impress Mr Banda by launching all manner of activities to support Mr Banda’s alleged political comeback.

We have information that Mr Banda is not even fully aware of some of these activities by these desperate people. They are carrying out tasks that have no blessings from Mr Banda whatsoever.

The President and the party leadership believe there is everything to gain by working together in a cordial and peaceful manner. Slander campaigns will only go to wedge a rift among our members.

We shall all work together to safeguard that which the MMD represents. The democracy cherished by all Zambians and the common determination to make this country a great place to live in.

People must be aware that this in this Jubilee season, God is involved in solving the leadership question in Zambia. As political leaders, this is the time to deeply reflect on every action and words we speak. We must be part of those involved in building and not in destroying.

We also appeal to the Church to pray for Zambia and the political leadership at this crucial hour.

May God bless Zambia.

8th November 2014

ovement for Multiparty Democracy