Colonialists are back in NGO dress, warns Mugabe

UNWTO opening speech by President Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe
UNWTO opening speech by President Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe

ZIMBABWEAN President Robert Mugabe has warned that colonialists and imperialists are coming back to Africa in the form of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). And Mugabe, who is also Southern African Development Community chairperson, advised politicians not to aspire to run government for their personal interests.

Speaking during requiem Mass for president Michael Sata at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka yesterday, President Mugabe said NGOs were not in Africa to help but to study the continent and learn how to control it. “The enemies are coming back and this time, they are not dressed in the colonialist and imperialist dresses, they are dressed in the NGO dress, not as colonialists and imperialists and they are not here to help but they are here to learn how to influence our people,” he said. President Mugabe said NGOs were distributing money so that they could sway the judgment of the poor. “They sway our people by giving them money and all sorts of things.It is happening in Zimbabwe and I am sure it is happening here in Zambia,” he said. President Mugabe said Africa needed to stand together and say no to neo-colonialism. He further said president Sata never maligned anyone and had genuine love for everyone. “In reverse, Chiluba never looked at things like that. Unlike Chiluba, president Sata put Zambia first. Chiluba took Zambia to be for him and him alone but Michael was the reverse,” President Mugabe said. He said he was saddened by the loss of president Sata because they had discussed at length on various joint ventures the two countries could embark on.

“We met at the AU and planned joint ventures and we said to each other ‘We are twins’. We worked together on the UNWTO and were working together on a hydropower plant,” President Mugabe said. He said a testimony of president Sata’s great leadership would be seen from his various infrastructure projects such as roads, railways, buildings and bridges. President Mugabe said president Sata had illuminated the whole SADC region with his road infrastructure. “The most befitting tribute is to continue with his plans, he stood above tribe, religion, colour…work for that ideal, Zambia belongs to all of us,” he said.

And President Mugabe advised politicians not to use government for their own personal interests. “Government is not there for you leaders to have personal interests, it is there for you to lead and fulfil the needs of the people,” said President Mugabe.  – See more at:


Source  – The Post