Siavonga remembers Sata

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Siavonga remembers Sata


Siavonga, November 11, ZANIS—Siavonga District Commissioner Brave Mweetwa (DC) has said Zambians will forever look up to the late President Michael Sata  with pride, gratitude and respect because he loved the poor people.


Mr. Mweetwa said when he led hundreds of Siavonga residents in prayers for the late President that he was a true servant of the people.


He said the district of Siavonga will remember the late President through the development and a number of projects that he embarked on.


These projects include the water reticulation and the connection of electricity throughout the district.


Siavonga Kariba ward councilor Darius Mulunda described the late President as a person who was determined to achieve the goals he set.


Meanwhile, Siavonga Patriotic Front chairperson Ephraim Mwanjabantu said the late President Sata did the work that the previous four presidents failed to do in just three years.


He said the nation should look up to God and asked the pastors to intercede for Zambia especially that campaigns will start after the burial.


Mr. Mwanjabantu said the country needs a president that will carry on with the vision and projects of the late President.