Hundreds watch Sata’s funeral proceedings on ZNBC

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The Roman Catholic Church at St. John the Baptist in Chinsali in Muchinga Province last night held special prayers for the late President Michael Sata.


Presiding over the special divine church service attended by hundreds of Chinsali residents, Reverend Father Sefelino Chibesa said Zambia has lost a great leader who was committed to uplifting the living standards of the ordinary citizens.


Father Chibesa said President Sata will be remembered for his love for God and his people adding that the departed leader never left his God behind throughout his 77 years he was on earth.


He said this was evidenced by the declaration of the late President Sata shortly after being sworn in as President of Zambia that he was going to rule the country using the Ten Commandments of the Bible.


Fr. Chibesa said the late President Sata was a visionary leader who wanted to completely change the landscape of the entire country by turning it into a construction site.


He said in Muchinga Province, late President Sata will be remembered for creating the tenth province he named Muchinga that saw the creation of over 400 new jobs at the provincial administration.


Fr. Chibesa challenged the next president to ensure that he completes the projects that the late President embarked on throughout the country and also prayed for peace to prevail in the country during the transition period.


Meanwhile, hundreds of people have today turned up at various locations in Muchinga Province to monitor the funeral of the late President Sata carried live by the national broadcaster, the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC).


Mafinga District Commissioner Beatrice Nakanyika told ZANIS in Chinsali in an interview that the district has bought five big screens which have been placed at strategic places for the members of the public to watch funeral proceedings.


Ms. Nakanyika said her office has also bought decoders and rented some from the local people so that they can access the ZNBC signal via Multi-Choice.


The DC said six local chiefs have also gathered at Thendere, the administrative centre for Mafinga, to follow the funeral proceedings of the late President Sata on ZNBC television channel.


In Nakonde, hundreds of people have gathered at the council rest house where one big screen has been positioned while two others have been positioned at the DC’s office.


District Commissioner James Singoyi said many people have turned up to watch the funeral proceedings of the late President Sata live on ZNBC television.


Isoka and Chama districts have also pitched tents where big screens have been mounted to enable the local people to watch live pictures of the funeral on ZNBC television channel.


President Sata, 77, died in London on October 28, 2014 and will be buried at Embassy Park later today.



  1. it is a pity ZNBC has denied citizens living in diaspora access to their online streaming by asking for a password when they have not given a link to subscribe/register in order to obtain a possword, if it means paying we can pay.