Guard government property jealously, workers told

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Guard government property jealously, workers told

Senanga, November 10, ZANIS —Government has called on civil servants to ensure that its assets were not misused during the mourning period in the country.

Government has also called on the same civil servants to ensure that peace was maintained even during this difficult time of losing a President.

Western Province Permanent Secretary Augustine Seyuba said all those who would be found misusing government vehicles and funds will be dealt with accordingly.

Mr. Seyuba added that confidential information should not be leaked to unauthorized people.

He was speaking in Senanga district of Western Province when he addressed heads of departments on the need to find solutions to the water crisis in the area.

Senanga district has been experiencing water crisis for the past three weeks after heavy rains damaged water pipes.

Western Water and Sewerage Company (WWSC) Managing Director Wamuwi Changani said efforts to reconnect the pipes were fruitless hence the water crisis in some areas of Senanga.

Mr. Changani however said the Zambia National Service (ZNS) helped the WWSC by providing a short term solution through putting stones where the distribution lines were exposed due to soil erosion during the heavy downpour.

And Mr. Seyuba commended ZNS for providing a short term solution to the problem.

He has meanwhile called on WWSC to consider a long term solution by covering the pipes with a concrete.

Mr. Seyuba further urged the water utility company to be proactive in addressing water quality issues in Kalabo, Sesheke and Senanga districts during the rain season.

He also implored Mr. Changani to reorganize the company which he described as ranked among the least performing water utility companies in the country despite government’s support in funding a number of capital projects.

The Permanent Secretary said WWSC must prepare investment plans for each district in Western Province adding that the company must also ensure that a number of failed projects are completed by the end of this year.

In another development, Nalolo District Commissioner Mundia Samwene has commended the people of his area for turning up in large numbers for the inter denomination prayers to celebrate the life of late President Michael Sata.

Mr. Samwene said it was good that people have buried their political differences and have come together to mourn their departed President.

And Western Province Permanent Secretary Augustine Seyuba thanked the people of Nalolo for praying for unity and peace and further encouraged them to continue following the funeral processions on ZNBC television.

He was speaking at Muoyo Primary School where the people of Nalolo have gathered to mourn and pray for peace and unity for the first family and country at large.