Church calls for peace during and after the morning period

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-The Church has called for peace among Zambians as they mourn and bury the late President Michael Sata.


Catholic Archbishop, Alick Banda of Ndola Diocese on the Copperbelt says the late President Michael Sata can only be remembered and honoured if the projects he desired to undertake are fulfilled by his successor.


Archbishop Banda said the late President had a great vision for the country and leaders should strive to emulate his noble character of wanting to develop Zambia.


He said the late President Sata’s interest was to improve the country’s economy, road network, and educational infrastructure across the country.


Archbishop Banda was speaking in an interview with ZANIS during the interdenominational thanksgiving requiem service in honour of the late President at parliament buildings today.


“People have their own mistakes but it is not time to look at the mistakes. Let’s look at the good that the late President did. He always had a drive to have a better Zambia,” he said.


Archbishop Banda further expressed disappoint at some leaders who were jostling for power even before the late President was buried and associated the act as un-African.


He said choosing a right leader should not be a struggle, adding that God has anointed the next president and leaders should not fight about it.

Archbishop Banda advised the leaders to be level-headed as the nation can only have one leader at a time and the best among them who would contribute greatly to the nation.


He further said leaders should desist from being emotional, adding that Zambia is bigger than an individual.


And Bishop Joshua Banda of North mead Assemblies of God said there is need to continue praying for peace and stability in the country.


He said the country should pray for the leaders to guide the country to ensure there is peaceful transition after the Presidential by election.


Bishop Banda said leaders of both the ruling party and the opposition parties can be tempted with power but their ambitions should be done in the interest of the ordinary Zambians.


He said leaders should emulate the late President because he sacrificed a lot for the country and they should build on the positive gestures he did for the country.


Meanwhile, Bishop John General of Miracle Impact International Ministries said the late President Sata will be remembered for promoting peace in the nation.


Bishop General said the late President kept the faith of keeping peace in the country even before he became the Republican President.


He said the country should continue to preserve the peace even after the burial of the late President.


The bishop is confident that God will give Zambia a prudent leader who will drive the country in the best of his ability.