Luapula Minister calls for peace and unity during the mourning period and beyond

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Luapula Minister calls for peace and unity during the mourning period and beyond

Mansa, Nov 7/14, ZANIS——-Luapula Province Minister, Benson Kapaya, has called for peace and unity in the province during the mourning period for the late Republican President Michael Chilufya Sata.

Gen Kapaya said the late President stood for peace, unity and the under privileged in society.

He called on all Zambians to use the mourning period to concentrate on peace building, love and unity until the burial of the late Republican President on Tuesday, next week.

The minister made the call at the Interdenominational prayer meeting at the United Church of God Main Church in Surbabs area of Mansa district yesterday.

He said it was important for Zambia to petition God to give Zambia another leader who will continue with the developmental projects meant to improve the living standards and quality of life for the poor in society.

Gen Kapaya urged Zambians to pray for the Cabinet not to abandon the vision of the late President.

And Bishop Henry Mumba of the Apostolic Church in Zambia, in his sermon thanked the late President Sata for the good roads, street lights and traffic lights that were installed in Mansa during Mr Sata’s rule.

Bishop Mumba said since independence, the people of Mansa had never seen street lights and traffic lights and when they were just installed, many people were being bruised by vehicles for failure to interpret the meanings of the traffic lights properly.

He said President Sata has set a high standard of performance which must be emulated so that whoever will take over the reins of power must be prepared to stretch so that he could meet the national expectations left by the late President.