Sata will be difficult to replace-DC

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Sata will be difficult to replace-DC

Chikankata, October 31, 2014, ZANIS……….Zambia will find it very hard to replace the late Republican President Michael Chilufya Sata says Acting District Commissioner for Chikankata District Sekani Tembo.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS today in Chikankata Mr. Tembo said the late President is considered a hero by many Zambians and someone whom everyone looked up to.

He said the death of the President came as a shock and at an untimely moment for the district.

He explained that there are many developmental projects underway in Chikankata district considering the fact that it is a new district.

He said President Michael Sata created new districts in order to decentralize the central government for development to be taken closer to the people in order to reduce challenges  and promote effective service delivery.

He noted that currently in the District there is a Chikankata road project marked for construction and upgrading to bituminous standard under the Link Zambia 8000 Road Project.

Apart from that the contractor has been found for the construction of the District Administration offices and works are supposed to commence very soon.

He also mentioned that there was supposed to be a ground breaking ceremony at the Chieftainess Mwenda’s palace for the construction of a palace but the house of chiefs postponed business because of the funeral.

Mr. Tembo hopes that whoever comes into power will be able to carry on from where the late president left.

He said that otherwise at the moment the entire District is in tears over the loss of a great leader.

In a separate interview with ZANIS a marketer at Turnpike Fena Matepeta said the death of President Sata had greatly saddened all the marketers.

She explained that the people at Turnpike have been selling their products along the road in peace because the late president allowed them to do so since he understood their problems.

Another vendor Ernest Phiri explained that if it were up to him, he wished the President would continue living in order for him to finish his term of office.

Mr. Phiri thanked the President for the many developments brought to the country and also for creating new districts in the country.

He said the creation of new Districts created employment for many people which in return has benefited many Zambians through service delivery.

However he is saddened that within six years Zambia is yet again mourning the loss of a Head of State.

He thanked President  Michael Sata for developing Zambia especially for the countrywide road constructions.

“Since 1964 most roads countrywide were not rehabilitated until Sata came into power, therefore I thank him for that, and may God remember him because he did a lot for Zambia” says Mr. Phiri.

He passed his condolences to the bereaved family and especially the first lady to put everything in God’s hands and not to despair for God is in control.