— Chipimo agrees to Veep appointment as Acting President

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Chipimo agrees to Veep appointment as Acting President

Lusaka, October 31st, 2014, ZANIS —  Opposition National Revolution Party ( NAREP ) leader Elias Chipimo has poured cold water on assumptions that interim President Dr Guy Scott can stand as candidate in the Presidential by-election. 


Mr.  Chipimo said that while it was right for Scott to lead the country in an interim capacity he did not m
eet the criteria to stand as full time leader of Zambia.


“What we mean by that is although technically Mr Guy Scott cannot stand as a contender for the Presidential election he can lead the nation during the interim period if he is Vice President at the time there is a vacancy in Presidency as a result of death or resignation,” he said.


“Under the constitution although it may seem strange this actually what is supposed to happen Mr Guy Scott is supposed to lead the nation for the 90 day period.


“  Remember he is not performing the full functions of President he is simply holding that position until elections take place.”


The opposition leader said this in a statement in Lusaka to add  his voice to the current debate that Scott can take his political gamesmanship a step further after he was appointed interim President by cabinet


Dr. Scott was on Wednesday appointed interim President following a cabinet meeting after the death of President Michael Sata.


The interim President is constitutionally barred from standing Presidential elections as his parents were not born in Zambia.


During his reign President Sata never appointed Dr Scott to stand in for him and opted to appoint other cabinet ministers with latest being Edgar Lungu, who is both Home Affairs minister and Justice minister respectively.


The latter has since reverted back to his ministerial positions.