Zambia Red Cross Society hands over equipment to volunteers in Limulunga

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Zambia Red Cross Society, with support from Netherland Red Cross, has handed over working tools and a borehole all worth K8, 500 million to 250 volunteers in Limulunga district of Western Province under maternal neonatal and child health and water, sanitation and hygiene projects.


Speaking during the handover National Zambia Red Cross President, Godfrey Simasiku, said the project enhances access to maternal and child health services as well as improved water supply and sanitation.


Ambassador Simasiku explained that the volunteers are working with their communities in raising awareness to Safe Mother and Childhood Action   and hygiene practices using Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) targeting 11048 house hoods.


The Ambassador disclosed that the working tools consist of 140 bicycles, 140 safety boots, 140 rain coats, 280 T-shirts and 240 bags for the volunteers to carry out their work effectively.


And  Provincial Permanent Secretary Augustine Seyuba, in a speech read on his behalf by Deputy Permanent Secretary, Mwangala Liomba, commended  Zambia Red Cross Society in supplementing government’s efforts in alleviating the suffering of women and uplifting standard of living for women and children.


Mr Seyuba pointed out that the society will soon be constructing two relative mother shelters in Limulunga district as well as sinking and drilling 28 boreholes of which eight have been drilled so far.


He added that the society has been implementing the two projects since January this year in areas such as Ushaa, Ikwichi, Nang’oko, Namboma and Limulunga wards stressing that the projects will run for two years.


Mr Seyuba has urged the communities in Limulunga to take care of the water facilities and work together with Zambia Red Cross Society by supporting the initiative.

Meanwhile, Mr Seyuba also thanked the Zambia Red Cross Society for implementing the Zambezi River Basin project in Sesheke and Kazungula districts in which communities are targeted and supported in food security activities, disaster preparedness and response activities and climate change and awareness.


A minute of silence was observed in honour of the late Republican President Mr Michael Chilufya Sata and the 26 pupils that died at Lake Kariba.