Chief Nsamba mourns Sata

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—Chief Nsamba of the Unga people of the newly created Lunga District in Luapula Province has eulogised President Michael Sata as a true patriot and hard-worker.

In his condolences message to the First Family, Acting President, Guy Scott and the nation, Chief Nsamba said the Unga people will remain indebted to President Sata for creating Lunga a district.

ZANIS reports that the traditional leader stated that Mr Sata was instrumental in spearheading developmental projects in rural areas and other marginalised areas like Lunga.

"On behalf of the Unga people, my deepest condolences to the PF, First Family, government and the Zambian people on the untimely death of our Republican President Mr Michael Chilufya Sata who was a hard-worker and had a heart for rural people," he said.

He pointed out that President Sata’s quest to develop Zambia created many districts as a way of bringing services closer to the people.

The traditional leader noted the clearing of canals and putting up of communication towers in the area have enable people to connect to the mainland in nearby Samfya district.

"Mr Sata brought development to the marginalised areas like Lunga and we will never forget him for creating Lunga district as we are now able to communicate unlike before," he said.

Chief Nsamba said the creation of Lunga, Chipili and Chembe districts in Luapula Province was testimony of his desire to uplift the welfare of rural people.

He appealed to Zambians to mourn President Sata in a manner befitting his status as a Statesman.

Lunga district is located on the swamps of Lake Bangweulu and is only accessible by water transport.

Government is currently building a district administration, institutional houses and other auxiliary social amenities befitting a district.

Republican Vice President, Guy Scott, as since assumed the Presidency in an interim capacity to oversee the transition until the election of a new President within 90 days.