Chipili DC bemoans high suicide incidences

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—-Chipili District Commissioner, Raphael Kauseni, has bemoaned the high levels of suicide cases in the district.

Mr Kauseni says it sad that within the period of two months four cases of suicide have been recorded in the district.

The District Commissioner wondered how the district will develop when most of the suicide cases in the district involve youths who are
supposed to take the district development forward.

Mr Kauseni said this in a statement made available to ZANIS in Mansa this morning.

The District Commissioner said what is more saddening is the fact that tradition in the area demands that a person who commits suicide be buried
at the same point they have committed the act and wondered how the district will develop when they are graves all over.

He said now that Chipili is a district, plans have been made and land has been allocated for deferent sites, including grave a yard, adding
that the situation where graves are all over will scare away would-be developers.

Mr Kauseni said this following the death on Monday in a suicide case of 32-year-old Danny Mwansa of Chilikwa village in
chief Mutipula.