Mitete district celebrates Golden Jubilee

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—Government says the 50 years of independence is a major achievement and a moment to appreciate and celebrate gallant men and women who made great and unconditional sacrifices to emancipate the country.

Mitete District Commissioner, Teddy Chimbinde, said this during the Golden Jubilee Celebrations that took place at Mitete Primary School on Friday.

Mr Chimbinde said it was through the freedom fighters’ fortitude and strong desire for freedom and self-determination that the bright daybreak of independence was made a reality on 24th October, 1964.

 The DC added that the unity and peace brought about by the struggle for independence must be maintained at all cost.

He further called on residents in the district as they joined the rest of the country in the celebrations to uphold and embrace the spirit of selflessness, sacrifice, exceptional courage and patriotism exhibited by the freedom fighters.

Mr Chimbinde stated that every citizen must also continue building the nation regardless of different interests, saying with determination, sacrifice, unity of purpose and nationalism, there is no doubt that the country will achieve greater progress in many areas.

Meanwhile, Nowa Lemba, who is a senior citizen in the area, thanked government and proposed that such celebrations should continue in the district.

Mr Lemba said the celebrations were of its kind, adding that such commemorations will help the district be recognised in the entire country.

He further called on government to speed up the process of building staff houses in the district so that officers can shift and start operating from their district.