Big Brother – Idris and Goitse Face-Off

Big Brother - Idris and Goitse Face-Off
Big Brother - Idris and Goitse Face-Off

The Friday night party brought Idris and Goitse close once again. Was it the alcohol maybe or were the two seriously taking a liking to each other? Earlier in the diary room, Idris had laughed and told Biggie that he had seen Goitse watching him when he was with other female housemates and that this made him happy as it communicated that she was jealous. This he said was evidence that Goitse felt something for him.

After the party and when things had quietened down, Idris began expressing his feelings again to Goitse in the kitchen, asking her countless times if she did not like him. Clearly feeling pressured and cornered, Goitse said that she did like him but that that did not warrant a relationship as she preferred to take her time with reading people. She also recalled how other ladies in the house were interested in him, such as Ellah (and with this was suggesting that he could consider them for partners).

Idris, becoming irritated, could not believe that he was being pushed away. He begged Goitse not to give him away and told her that if she wanted him she could have him. The conversation took an unpleasant turn when Goitse got irritated of repeating the same thing to Idris – that she was not concerned about what he felt and for whom and that she was not looking into getting into a relationship with anyone in the house. Idris lost it and cursed her. He turned on his heels and barged into the bedroom, breaking the door.

The situation got out of control, with both Idris and Goitse fuming from their confrontation. Kacey Moore and Luis tried to calm Idris down and still upset, Idris made his way upstairs. Whatever he came across up there infuriated him even more and he descended the stairs cursing Laveda (who was beyond drunk!).

Friday night was clearly not Idris’ night and whilst this was so, we can conclude that it is completely over between him and Goitse (whatever it was that existed). Goitse ended her day with tears – very frustrated, angry and exhausted by Idris. Friends comforted her and Idris also calmed down.

What do you make of Idris’ drama? Was Goitse taking him for a ride?


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