— President Sata pays tribute to freedom fighters

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President Sata pays tribute to freedom fighters



Lusaka October 24,2014,ZANIS—President Michael Sata has paid special tribute to the founding fathers and mothers and the gallant freedom fighters, who fought for the independence.




President Michael Sata says the freedom fighters, driven by patriotism, loyalty and love, put aside the instinct for self-preservation and risked their lives and those of their families.



President Sata said this in his Independence message to the nation, under the theme:  “commemorating God’s favor of Zambia’s 50 years of independence for continued peace, unity, democracy, patriotism and prosperity.”



Mr. Sata said he is also grateful for messages of goodwill and solidarity from heads of state and government, heads of international organisations and other well-wishers to mark the country’s 50th independence day.


He said although the country still has some challenges to overcome in its quest to deliver higher levels of prosperity, the nation is determined to face the future with heightened energy and enthusiasm to consolidate the political, economic and social progress.




Mr. Sata said under the national motto: ‘one Zambia, one nation’, the country has enjoyed unity, peace and stability despite its ethnic diversity.



President Sata said since independence, the will of the people has continued to be the basis of authority of the government.



He said the nation in this endeavor is demonstrated by the country having had five presidents from three political parties through peaceful transfer of power after democratic elections.


The head of state said as the nation move beyond the golden jubilee, its primary task and that of future generations is the modernisation and transformation of the nation through sustained rapid economic growth.



“We have the duty to uphold democracy through good governance, transparency, accountability and upholding human rights.


“  We also have a duty to generate wealth whose benefits include the distribution of incomes through employment and taxes to the government”, said President Sata.




“We have to increase opportunities for economic activity and investment in order to reduce poverty. Let us therefore, mobilise in one great cooperative national effort the enormous energy of our society in order to overcome and eliminate poverty.



On its part, our government will continue to open the country wide to science, technology and management systems and to new ideas and skills from all over the world in order to create a better life for all, particularly the poor and marginalized, ” added the Head of State.