Charlotte hands goods to Bauleni clinic

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Vice President Guy Scott’s Wife, Charlotte, today donated assorted goods valued at K5, 000 to Bauleni clinic on behalf of Lusaka Central constituency office as part of golden jubilee activities.


The donated goods are meant for the patients at the clinic and other vulnerable people in Bauleni compound.


Mrs. Scott said Zambians need to use the jubilee period to go an extra mile and assist citizens such as the sick, aged and other vulnerable groups that are struggling in life.


She said 50 years of independence was remarkable and a milestone achievement which all well-meaning citizens should celebrate by engaging in acts that will be beneficial to other people.


Mrs. Scott has meanwhile thanked various companies that contributed goods to the Lusaka Central constituency office that have and will be donated to service institutions based in Lusaka.


She expressed delight that all the products which these companies donated were manufactured locally noting that this was important because it created employment for the local people.


Mrs. Scott has since promised to convey concerns raised by Bauleni Sister-In-Charge Clara Mwamba on the challenges the health institution was facing in its day to day operations to Lusaka Central Member of Parliament, who is also Zambia’s Vice President Guy Scott.


And Mrs. Mwamba appealed to Mrs. Scott to help the clinic with formalities to acquire the land opposite the health institution which it was promised.


She said the land was meant for expansion purposes.


She said the local population was growing at a fast rate rendering it necessary for the clinic to be expanded in order to cater for the growing population.


Mrs. Mwamba further appealed for assistance to rehabilitate the Out Patient Department (OPD) which experiences constant toilet blockages, a situation that poses a danger to the environment at the clinic.


She also stated that the roof of the OPD is too low, resulting in severe heat and less ventilation especially during the hot season.


The K5, 000 worth donation comprised 25 kilogramme (kg) bags of mealie meal, cases of sugar and salt, boxes of cooking oil, washing and bathing soap and brooms among others.