Senior Chief Kasempa commends Sata

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Senior Chief Kasempa commends Sata

Kasempa, October 17, ZANIS- Senior Chief Kasempa has expressed gratitude to President Sata for awarding a prospecting License to the Kasempa Community Mining and Natural Resources Management Foundation to mine in Katoka area.

According to a letter signed by Minister of Mines Christopher Yaluma dated 8th October 2014, the community of Kasempa has been awarded an entire tenement to mine in Katoka area following the cancellation of both AVARRMA mining limited and VEN construction company.

Senior Chief Kasempa noted with gladness that the community has since been instructed by the Ministry of Mines to apply for a change of shape in order to capture the entire area of interest.

“The President is keen on reducing poverty among my people and hence has awarded the entire tenement to us the people of Kasempa to mine in Katoka mema area,” senior Chief Kasempa said.

And throngs of Kasempa youths staged a solidarity match in support of the license which has been awarded to the community.

Kasempa Youth Representative Davies Mubelunga commended President Sata for creating employment for the youths in the district once the mine is opened..

“We the youths of Kasempa have suffered for many years because this district has no industries to employ us so we are very grateful to the President for remembering us”, he said

The youths matched to the District Commissioner’s office chanting slogans in support of President Sata for awarding a prospecting license to whom the local people as they were the  owners of the mineral resources.