At least 3, 000 MMD members defect to PF

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At least 3, 000 MMD members in Lunte and Mporokoso central constituencies in Northern Province have defected to join the ruling Patriotic Front party.


The MMD cadres, who were led by former aspiring candidate for Mporokoso Central Brain Mundubile, surrendered their party cards at a public meeting held in Mporokoso yesterday.


The defectors said they decided to resign from the former ruling party because their party has no future in the political system of the country.


One of the defectors Joyce Chanda charged that the MMD top leadership has lamentably failed to re-organize the party especially at grass-root level.


And Mr. Mundubile said the tarring of the Kasama-Mporokoso road and rehabilitating of township roads in Mporokoso town among others by the government prompted him and other MMD members join the ruling PF.


He said PF is the only political party that is people centred and needs to be supported by all well-meaning Zambians.


And receiving the defectors, PF Provincial Secretary Evarist Chela said the ruling party is now in command of all opposition strongholds in Northern Province.


Mr. Chela said PF is an attractive political party because Zambians have seen for themselves the massive infrastructure development that they are implementing in the country.


He urged opposition party members wishing to join the ruling party to freely do so and contribute to the growth of party.


The massive defection of the MMD members in Mporokoso was witnessed by members of the PF provincial executive committee and district party officials.